Monday, July 24, 2017

The Jersey Devil (post 1)

   The Jersey Devil myth has been a part of my life since my childhood. I live in South Jersey, it will be a story that will be told all the time.  It’s a very disturbing story if you think about it. They Jersey Devil is a horse like human figure. He has been “seen” mostly in the Pine Barrens. Which his family, the Leeds family, had lived there. One time I went to Smithville with my family, we passed a cemetery, and my uncle said, “that’s where the jersey devil lives.” I never been so scared before. We went on the train in Smithville, and my sister sat alone because the seats were odd. My mom took a picture of her, she was upset that she had to sit alone. After she took a picture, we saw that there was a red blurry figure right next to her. I will never forget that day or that picture, I am terrified of it even today. Till this day, I see pictures, links on Facebook, and videos of “Sightings on the Jersey Devil." I camp a lot at the Bass River State Forest. One time, my family and I were sleeping and I will never forget the time when I was sleeping at the edge of the tent, and I heard something screech. I jumped so high! No one believed me when I told them I heard something. But than my mom heard it. The sound did not sound anything like a small animal. We all were awake at that point. Then we heard something in the trees near us. We left right after we heard that sound. That was the last time we camped without other campers around us. Its crazy to me that if one person who tells a story with very detailed backgrounds is believable. But you almost get brainwashed, when you see it secondhand, or when you think you saw it.



  1. I am from South Jersey as well. I never thought the Jersey Devil was real. I think it is a made up myth to be honest. Wish you could of included the picture of your sister you mentioned. Stories are stories however it up to the person reading or listening to the story to make their mind up. Maybe one day something will happen in my life that will change my mind but I don't believe the Jersey Devil Myth. The only monster I can really agree that New Jersey has is Governor Christy.

  2. Brianna,
    Again this is a great post! I am also from South Jersey, Haddonfield to be exact, and I have always heard the stories about the Jersey Devil. I am sure people have seen something in many of the sightings but definitely not the Jersey Devil. It is my opinion that many things can appear to be what they are not from lighting, shadows, tricks on the mind from stress and fear, etc. I'll admit there are times when you're out camping late at night and I could swear I've seen or heard something but in reality I did not and it is probably the human fight or flight response being triggered. I am interested to see if the legend of the Jersey Devil will continue to live on for years to come or if it will eventually die out.

  3. Being from South Jersey but haven't had the chance to go camping in any of our state's natural parks. As scary as your experience camping with the Jersey Devil may have been, it sure makes for a great and fun tale afterwards.
    -Joon Lee-

  4. I have lived in New Jersey all my life and The Jersey Devil was never a big commodity. The subject would pop up once in a blue moon, but I never actually heard it’s story until this course. I didn't venture to South Jersey until attending Stockton. It seemed like the wooded environment brought out the paranormal side in everyone residing there. I started hearing everyone’s personal stories about aliens, ghosts, and Bigfoot. My friend’s house was even built next to a Lee’s brother farm. South Jersey is definitely a place for paranormal possibilities.