Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Out of Body Experience

Out of body experiences are explained as seeing your own body from a different view outside your body. It is discussed that this can happen form seizures and drug use.
There was an experiment created by researchers to provide an illusion to the volunteers that they have left their own body during a brain scan. There were specific regions of the brain that lit up during the brain scan. It was the locations of where in the room the person thought they were. Researchers reveled that they touched the volunteer’s body with an object at the same time as the same object touches the stranger’s body. The activity in the temporal and parietal lobes correlated with the wrong sense of self-location. It was revealed that the place cells in a person’s brain (located in the hippocampus) works like the brain’s GPS. It was also suggested that strange activity with these cells could result in an out of body experience.
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In research of people who have claimed to have had an out of body experience, they were very close to the lucid-dream state. Also, some say they were near death, have taken hallucinogenic drugs or mushrooms.

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