Thursday, July 27, 2017

Finding Bigfoot

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, may very well be one of the most well known animals/creatures in the field of cryptozoology. The legend of Bigfoot goes back to what is considered the first 'sighting' in 1811 near Jasper, Alberta in Canada. He is rumored to be a very tall and large figure, weighing between 600-900 pounds and strikingly resembles an ape of some sort. Pretty much everyone growing up in North America has heard of some soft of legend about this mythical beast, and some people even make it their livelihood to prove the existence of such a creature. The idea of proving his existence extended as far as having it's own show on the Animal Planet titled 'Finding Bigfoot'. While I couldn't muster through all of the episodes, it's almost funny to piece through some of the episodes and see how dedicated these people are about exposing Bigfoot as they travel about the continent meeting with people who have supposedly seen the beast itself in the wild and had personal encounters. While it is most likely heavily dramatized, the show went on for 9 whole season with each episode being about 40 minutes! It's crazy to consider how much traction a show like this can gather considering it is all based off of myth with no factual evidence at all, especially thinking about just how much money a show like this would likely cost to produce. I was extremely surprised to see something this happen and it seems as if Animal Planet may be buying into pseudoscience. Who knows though, maybe we'll be able to see him on campus in the fall!

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