Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cryptozoology: Mermaids

A while ago, Discovery channel and Animal Planet aired a popular documentary on mermaids called, Mermaids: The Body Found. Although it was admittedly a docufiction-- exaggerating details of evidence-- the film did lead some persuading points as to why mermaids may exist. A few examples being: why human like fish creatures have been documented in stories worldwide? If we have evolved on land, couldn't we have evolved underwater? And how did tools found under the sea made from materials found in the sea appear?

All of these notions as well as several incidents of mermaid "spottings" have made the idea of mermaids easy to believe. I personally think there is a possibility they are real, mostly because much of the ocean still has not been explored and there are so many amazing discoveries made day to day we never thought would be possible. The lecture on cryptozoology immediately made me think of this film. Being alluring, mysterious, and human-like creatures with many different interpretations over time always captured my attention.

Here's a link to the website, the documentary requires a log-in but I believe they air it time to time on animal planet and discovery:


  1. I agree that there is a strong possibility that mermaids do exist. Have you ever seen the show H2O that used to play on Disney Channel? I watched it for years and was always fascinated by the idea or thought. I love snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming, and sometimes wish I could evolve myself :)

  2. I watched a video in the link you provided. The video was about a crew capturing a video of a mermaid during a deep sea expedition. The lead man did say how they exploded one the largest preserves in the world, so it does make sense that many sea creatures are flourishing there because they are protected. However, the video doesn't seem real to me. Of course a creature living that deep beneath the surface will have sci-fi looking characteristics, but it still seems too unreal.