Saturday, July 22, 2017

Subliminal Self-Help Tapes

After looking over the lecture on subliminal messages, I wanted to learn more about subliminal self-help tapes. People will use these tapes for numerous problems such as weight loss, anger management, quitting smoking/drugs, and self esteem. People will usually play the tapes while they sleep and they believe that the tapes will help them get into the mindset where they can achieve a certain goal. Although many people still use this technique, there have been many studies showing that these tapes do not have much of an effect. Even with the studies, there are many people who believe that these tapes helped them achieve their goal. Since many people swear by the tapes, the tapes could be helping them or it could just be a placebo effect. Whether or not the tapes do work, it is still an interesting idea that sounds in the tapes could be picked up by the subconscious and change a persons behavior. While reading about these tapes, it reminded me of the episode of the show Friends where Chandler Bing used a hypnosis CD to help quit smoking but it is for women, which ultimately makes him start acting like one. Although it is exaggerated for television and this would not happen in real life, I think that is a funny way to show a similar technique to the subliminal self-help tapes. Also, here is a link that discusses subliminal self-help tapes and studies that have been done on them.


  1. This was a great post. I actually tried using tapes to help me quit smoking back in 1990. It didn't help me at all. I did ultimately quit smoking but it was my strong will that overcame the addiction. I remember being all excited to use the tapes to help me quit smoking. I thought it was a great and easy way to get me to quit. I listened for the tapes for 5-7 days and lets just say it was a waste of my time. I think subliminal self-help tapes somehow help some people but in most case they don't. I am pretty positive that there are a few people who just need that extra added "motivator" to push them through what they are trying to conquer. I like you added video. I'm glad I didnt experience the same as he did.

  2. I loved the video. It would be ridiculous if self-helps could actually have that control over people. I suppose that's how people assumed self-help tapes could mold their life, when they first came out.