Friday, July 14, 2017

The End of the World

There are many theories about when the world will end, and many of those dates have already passed.   The date I find most interesting is the past December 21, 2012 "apocalypse" date. It was the last date recorded in the Mayan calendar. The scenarios that were made up about what was going to happen that day were numerous. I found it interesting that my grandmother, who is a devout Catholic believed whole heartedly that would be our last day on Earth. I remember watching on television for at least a week prior all of the crazy things people did to prepare. Some took their last vacations, some said their goodbyes to family members, and some built elaborate bunkers and survival shelters. When the disaster did not strike, there was a movie made depicting what could have happened.

Peter Larson built a $65,000 bunker to prepare his family for any disaster situation. He predicts a nuclear disaster in the future, whenever it may happen, he has everything that his family will need to eat, drink, wear, and protect themselves. He built an air filtration and alternate escape route. I know many people may think he is crazy, however I think he may be a genius. I would have great peace of mind knowing in any type of situation I have somewhere that I would be safe. Here are some photos of shelters that people have made to protect themselves in case of any disaster situation.


  1. These bunkers look so luxurious it makes me sad to think they most likely won't be used! But after watching so many disaster and zombie movies this doesn't seem like a bad idea.

  2. I find the concept of the end of the world so fascinating. It is talked about in many different religions, cultures, and even movies. It is one of those things that people often joke about while other people are legitimately concerned. However, having a bunker seems so unnecessary to me because I would not want to live after the end of the world. It seems like it would be extremely stressful and lonely.

  3. I found the bunker that Peter Larson built to be very interesting along with the end of the world discussions that most people have been having. I think that these discussions have some validity when it comes to certain events that have been predicted and some people even build these shelters for natural disasters such as hurricanes and long term blackouts. There are a few movies on netflix that try to capture what some people think the world would look like in a total lose of power nation wide and it was kind of eye opening how vulnerable our society really could be.