Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Post 2

While reading through the lecture on the end of the world it gives very interesting information on people that believe there is going to be one true event that will be the end of the world. It was very shocking to watch the video about the gentleman, Peter Larson, that built a 65,000 dollar doomsday bunker. While I felt this bunker may have been a little excessive I do think that it is still a good idea to be prepared for natural disasters or unexpected events that could happen. These people that are coined the term "prepper" tend to always have an exaggerated prediction to what they believe will end the world or what they are prepping for.

Linked below is an episode from a National Geographic show called "Doomsday Preppers" which shows different people around the country that believe in different theories that they believe could be the end of the world. Though some of the theories in this episode are not too far off; others have very exaggerated theories in other episodes. I do find that being prepared for things like hard winters and possible flooding conditions are good ideas but spending 65,000 dollars on a nuclear shelter just seems to me to be too much.

DoomsDay Preppers


  1. I used to have a laugh and watch this show with friends all the time. While I agree that a lot of the theories are exaggerated quite a bit, I still think the idea of people being able to build these insane structures, many of which being underground, is very fascinating. Some of them are even super luxurious and seem like really cool places to have a gathering but I do agree that spending $65,000 seems a little excessive but if it makes them feel happy and secure who are we to judge.

  2. I also find it amazing the amount of money that some people spend in order to prep for the end of the world. While the idea of the world ending seems very possible sometimes with the current climate of several different things on this planet. Spending almost a hundred thousand dollars on something like this is money just not well spent.