Sunday, July 30, 2017

Heuristic #3: Coherent Stories (Associative Coherence)

We were given a packet full of heuristics that fast thinkers often fall subject to. People often make up explanations to events that was not previously planned called Coherent Stories (Associative Coherence). The explanations involve:

  1. Assuming intention
  2. Causality
  3. Interpreting Providence

  1. I see this happen all the time. Especially having religious family members. When something unexpected happens the usual saying I will hear is “God meant for it to be this way” or "God is sending me a sign"
  2. This gets used a lot with stereotypes. For example, “She gets good grades in math because she's Asian.” There is a quick assumption that result B happens because of factor A. A critical thinker would factor A, B, C, etc. before a judgement is made.
  3. Nothing is done by coincidence. Everything has a strict purpose and role.

People are so quick to assigning a reasoning for things in order to make sense of them. There are just things that happen throughout our lifetime that we will not have an answer or know the origin to.


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