Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Post #2

Andre Daigle

Course:  Pseudoscience and the Paranormal

Post #2:

I watched all the video clips and reviewed all the slides on UFO abductions and Projective Testing.  Before I begin I do believe there is life out there however I don’t believe in people getting abducted by aliens.  I believe that there is another species out there.

First Video Clip:

The first video clip at Snowflake, AZ was about a man named Travis who encountered aliens on 5 November 1975.  He saw a glowing metallic object in sky.  He and his coworkers followed it.  Travis walked to the object and was immediately shocked when he got too close.  He was knocked unconscious.  The coworker fled the scene without helping Travis.  When they returned with authorities Travis was missing.  They searched for him for four days with no success.  Travis remembers waking up to aliens holding him down.  They were four feet tall with big eyes.  When Travis finally woke up he was 30 miles for the original location.  People doubted his story.  My thoughts on this is that I don’t believe it 100%.  I can’t grasp anything that points to this being totally true.  As I stated before I do believe in another species of life but don’t believe they have come to abduct people.  There is no sure evidence on Travis’ story.

Past Event Slides:

After reviewing the slides on past events I can honestly say that I can’t recall many events myself.  I have a hard time with memory (especially names) and/or events.  I think it because of my age and also my past in the military that kind of screwed up my programming so to speak.

Second Video Clip:

The second video clip with Whitley Streiber (Author “Communion”) was an interview with Jesse Long.  This was Whitley’s most haunting story.  Jesse claims he was abducted a lot since he was a boy.  Jesse claims he was first abducted when he was five years old with his brother (nothing was mentioned about his brother).  Watching the video of Jesse’s hypnosis was kind of creepy.  He seemed possessed to me.  His memories were like a lot of the alien abduction stories.  The odd thing is that Jesse thought he had an alien implant in his shin but waited 34 years to get it removed.  The object was analyzed and the questions about the foreign object outweighed the answer to it.  Jesse claimed the abductions were relatively the same every time.  The one abduction he really felt like an experiment was the sperm extraction.  He stated it was the worst abduction.  They forced him to breed with a female alien.  The abduction that stands out the most to Jesse was when he was sucked up in his car into the alien craft.  The aliens presented him with a child that was his.  He recalls nine baby aliens that were his (that was very odd to me).  They walked up to him and rubbed his hand. Jesse stated he felt they were telling him that they were ok.

Doctor Jacob’s video:

Doctor Jacob’s book on hybrid humans I will never read.  It seems totally ridiculous.

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