Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ways of Thinking (post 3)

We all have our unique styles of thinking. We all think different kind of things. A lot of things depend on thinking such as Pseudoscience, and science overall. Sometimes we think in a way of fast thinking. If we were to ask basic questions it would be simple ones, such as how’s your day, what’s your name, where are you from. Then there is slow thinking, which is also critical thinking. There are three kinds of thinkers. The naïve thinker, a person who doesn’t think before they do or say. The selfish critical thinker, also a known as a great thinker. Fairness to others do not come in mind. The third is the fairminded critical thinker. Care about others, and a great thinker as well. To be a fairminded thinker you must be confident, courage’s, you need to have perseverance’s and more. In my opinion, if were to choose what thinker I would be, it would be the naive thinker. Sometimes I do have a tough time thinking before I say something. I rush through a lot of things. Talking and thinking is one of them.I think it is very interesting that we are all human beings, but we all think in different ways. We all have different thoughts.

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  1. Brianna,
    I also seem rush through things such as talking and thinking. Taking a second to think critically about decisions is sometimes harder than we realize. As people, we are very instinctive and therefore react in decision making situations based off of past experiences. Although I tend to express Naive thinking, I also unfortunately seem to express the selfish critical thinking as well. I believe that the way people think tells us a lot about who they are and what their past experiences may have been like. It would be interesting to see a study of correlations between those two variables.