Friday, July 14, 2017

Learning Styles

There are hundreds of different ways students can describe the best way they learn and retain information. Dr. Brian Walsh breaks these styles down into three, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Having made it to my junior year of college, I have had teachers that have taught based on all three of these styles. In my opinion, the teacher has a difficult job because each of his or her students have a different way in which they learn. It is their job to teach each one of them to the best of their ability, however it is not always easy. I remember struggling through my math classes my entire elementary school education. I strongly believe that I am not a kinesthetic learner, which I believe math is a lot of. I learn by visually seeing definitions, and then looking at photographs or videos of the event happening. It was difficult for me in my elementary classes to find explanations of a formula or problem. I remember asking my teachers to show examples over and over, feeling annoying. The education system today is very diverse, however I feel more should be done to catering to learning styles.

Here is a link to a quiz that will help identify which way you learn best!

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  1. I remember the video from the lecture on Learning styles and how learning in different styles doesn't really improve effectiveness but I found the quiz interesting nonetheless! It was a lot of fun!