Monday, July 16, 2018


Unidentified Flying Objects, better known as UFOs have been around for a very long time... It is believed that there is extra life outside of our own. UFOs have been spotted all over the world and it would not be surprising if there is life outside of our own. The first really recorded UFO siting was in 1947 by a man named Kenneth Arnold. He explained that as he was flying a small plane, multiple high speed objects that looked like saucers, fly past him in the state of Washington.  This is when the term "Flying Saucer" came about. As time moved on more and more people started to report sightings of UFOs... There were so many sightings that in 1952-1969 they compiled over 12,000 reports of ufo sightings. all of this was compiled by the US Air Force and was known as Project Blue Book. It is even said that Area 51 holds UFOs as well as aliens but there is no solid evidence. Me personally I believe that there is other life outside of our own. but it is hard because I have not seen anything to prove it in my own eyes. Down below I have a link that shows a military jet that has possibly spotted a UFO, pretty interesting.

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