Monday, July 30, 2018

Post 2: Psychic Crime Detectives

It was very interesting to see the part of the lectures about psychic crime detectives, because I have seen this work in real life. About ten years ago, my family took me to see Sylvia Browne. If you are unfamiliar, she was a world renowned psychic medium. She did a show in Atlantic City, and there was a huge turn out.
She called on several people from the audience to try and make connections to their loved ones on the other side. Most people just wanted the reassurance that their loved ones that had passed were comfortable or watching over them, but one woman’s request stood out far more than the others.
Apparently her daughter had been missing for a few years, and it had been assumed she was abducted and murdered. She begged Sylvia for some information on her daughter’s whereabouts. At first, Sylvia Browne did confirm the daughter was in fact dead, but tried to talk the woman out of this request to spare her the gruesome details.
The woman pressed on, wanting to locate where her daughters remains were. Sylvia Browne told the woman that she had been murdered by being bludgeoned in the woods and that her body was then dumped in the river.
This has really stuck with me, since at that point there was nothing to verify the validity of Sylvia’s statement. However, this woman was going to turn the basis of the entire investigation of her daughter’s death based upon just a simple Q and A and a medium’s show.

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