Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Jersey Devil

For my first post I had to talk about the Jersey Devil, being born and raised in New Jersey it is somewhat a pretty big deal. When I was a kid, the Jersey Devil always popped up when there was a fire out in the woods... Because well, most of New Jersey woods consist of the pine barrens and thats where the Devil was born. Legend has it that he was the thirteenth child and was cursed. Growing up my uncle would always scare me with this story because they live in the pine barrens. Being as gullible as I used to be, I believed every word he was saying. Every time  I would have to go in the woods, day or night I would have ran as fast as I can and never looked back. but of course as I got older, it was not realistic at all... There have been claims that people hear Hooves, and have seen the Jersey Devil but there is no hard evidence of this... But what I can say, is this story is s great story to tell around a fire to younger siblings or friends and just have fun with it. Its amazing how the mind works when hearing a scary story because there is that little what if... like what if its real...

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  1. Hi Ian, I didn't know anything about the jersey devil until I moved up to New Jersey from Texas about 4 years ago. My friends told me the story while I was eating at some restaurant that was supposedly right down the street from the Leed's old house. The restaurant had a gift shop that use to sell jersey devil memorabilia in its gift shop. However, when we visited the gift shop we found no trace of any jersey devil items. The lady in the gift shop said they got rid of all the items quite some time ago. I found the story very interesting though.