Tuesday, July 17, 2018


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Tarot readings have long been used to try to predict the future through other worldly means. It uses a pack of cards (traditionally 78) will a number of different suits and depictions on them. The tarot reader normally tries to equate some significance of the drawn cards to the users present or future endeavors. Many of the predictions are not based on the cards at all but a process known as cold reading. This is a method used by many psychics and mentalist to appear that they know more about the person that they actually do. It often starts with the reader probing with some very vague questions or statements. The tarot reader will then, based on the verbal or non-verbal responses from the person being read, elicit more information from the person being read. The person being read will then look for ways to apply the generalized statements to specific occurrences in their lives. So, in reality, most of the information being discussed during the reading is coming from the person being read, not the tarot reader. There are many techniques used in cold reading. I got a tarot reading many years ago before I knew about cold reading, and after learning about it I believe I was duped. I include a video with some cold reading tips for anyone wanting to try it out for themselves.


  1. Hi Cameron,

    Thanks for your post. I never really knew about Tarot cards before this class and it's obvious that people who do it are playing to the naive minded thinkers. These tarot card readers also rely on the customer themselves in order to give their readings. I've seen many older people succumb to these tarot card readings and what they generalize about that individual. It would seem almost similar to astrology in a way with general assumptions or statements about individuals.

  2. Hi Cameron,
    I found your post to be very interesting and it reminded me of an experience I had with a tarot reader. During one of my events in high school, there was a tarot reader who was giving all of the students cold readings. The things that she told me made her sound very believable, however most of the things that she said that would happen were totally false. Now, after reading your post and thinking back, I can say that much of the information that she was trying to tell me was coming from all of the questions she was asking me which was making her seem like she knew a lot about me which in reality wasn’t really the case.

  3. Hi Cameron, I just wanted to add a quick story to your post. I believe that the possibility of a psychic being real is rare. My mother displayed some unusual behaviors that really scared me as a child but I have to say that almost everything she said would happen did. She woke up from sleep one night talking about evil being in the room. I, of course, ran for the Holy Water. She said a few prayers and seemed to meditate. She then started to cry and told me that someone very young in our family was going to die. The next morning, my cousin Mark was killed by a truck. He was 10 and so was I. We were in the same grade. This is only one example from a very long list of my mother's predictions. I actually stayed away from psychics as an adult. The few I went to were just for amusement. I did encounter one however who interested me. She was a young girl who dressed like a hippie and she had a small shop a few blocks from my house. The one day, I decided to stop in. I decided that I would give no information about me and I left my purse in the car. She did a card reading, looked at me and said, "Aren't you tired of talking to someone behind a pane of glass." She also told me I deserved better. At that time, I was dating a man with an addiction problem who was currently in jail. That was how I talked to him, through a pane of glass. I don't know. I never went back. I don't think we always have to have proof. We just need to be careful.

  4. I have been to psychics and received tarot card readings, and while what they said to me applied to my life, their readings were so vague that I could not believe they could actually see into my future. Going to tarot card readings can be fun, I think it can be hard to believe it is anything more than just amusement when they do a cold reading because of how general their predictions are.