Monday, July 23, 2018

Psychic Crime Detectives

After reading the lecture on psychic crime detectives, it sparked my interest in the usage of them as a tool in investigations.  Although more often than not the information they provide is not the most accurate, psychics are still used in some investigations and believed in by people all around the world.  Some psychics use personal items of the victims in order to find their locations or piece together what happened when the crime when was committed.  Other psychics, such as Troy Griffin, have premonitions of the event and are able to warn the would-be victims before anything has actually occurred.  In 2010, Griffin had a vision of a friend getting into a car accident on her way home from work.  Later the same day, the accident happened.  Luckily no one was injured, but the crash happened just as Griffin had seen it in his vision.  Griffin has now been offering his services to local authorities to help solve missing persons cases.  He recently help police locate two bodies of missing mothers in Tennessee.  He had visions of the roads in which the crimes happened and what the motive had been (Peyser, 2016).

Reading news stories such as these makes me interested in the accuracy of using psychic crime detectives as an asset in police departments nationwide.  Most research confirms there is little accuracy in their predictions, but some cases have been solved by their input.  In makes me question if there is accuracy in their visions or if the cases solved were lucky guesses.

Peyser, A. (2016, August 01). Meet the psychic who uses gift to solve FBI cold cases. Retrieved from


  1. Hello,

    After reading your post I must of course agree that knowing more about physic crime detective’s accuracy would be worthy knowledge to have. However, what got me really interested in your post was this Troy Griffin fella. What stood out to me the most were the would-be victims. I’m not sure about every single one of his predictions but it’d seem to me, at least, that helping people prevent accidents would be easy to disguise behind the reality that people are unlikely to suffer from them on most days. Even the example with predicting his friends car accident seems sketchy since he had it after the event. Are we supposed to believe he really foresaw it? And how are we to believe an event that he supposedly “stops via warning” was actually going to occur? I think these examples would be much more plausible if a person could predict high detail consistently. If you can tell me the exact name, time and place without mixing it in with a lot of other false information on a consistent basis – there would obviously be no room for doubt.

  2. Hello, I enjoyed reading your post. I will admit that I do believe in psychics but the genuine ones are very rare and usually do not exploit their abilities. There is many to be made in this field and this money often comes at the expense of others. People in desperate situations will use desperate means. If I had a loved one missing and someone approached me with psychic means of finding my loved one. I would probably jump on the opportunity. We do not think critically when emotion is involved. I do not feel psychics have any place in our criminal justice system. This is absolutely an area where proof is required. Thanks