Sunday, July 29, 2018

Post 1: Graphology

        Graphology is the analysis of a person's handwriting and how it pertains to their personality. For example; graphologists believe that if a person writes with a-lot of space between words it means they are lonely or isolated. If a person writes with their letter crunched together it means that they are desperate for companionship. This is incredibly intriguing and made me wonder if graphologists believe that a certain style of handwriting could be associated to a person's sex drive.
        An article titled "Sex Drive and the Letter G in Handwriting Analysis" mentions that graphologists believe that the way a person writes out a lower case g is actually associated with a person's instincts including expression of human sexuality. The way that I write out my lower case g is with the lower loop curving up to the left. Apparently what this means is that I have a possessive attitude during sexual engagement, along with a subconscious desire for recognition, and a privation during childhood. I am unsure as to how much I believe in the ability to figure out a person's personality and sex drive based solely on handwriting, However, I still find it pretty interesting. 

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  1. I never heard of graphology but it kind of has the same ideas behind it as astrology or dream interpretation, which a lot of believe in. Everyone has their own writing style and it could be associated with bigger psychological meanings like you discussed. This isn't really too different from dream interpretation and many people believe in that too.