Sunday, July 29, 2018

Post 3: Law of Attraction

       It is very unclear whether or not subliminal messaging truly works or not. Many people debate that the more they listen to something the more they are able to believe it. It is kind of just speculative whether it works and therefore, it is challenging to truly know whether subliminal messaging is effective. However, I do believe that the law of attraction is very real and can actually be quite effective. I believe that in order to have complete success with it you must be completely invested with the idea that what you want is what you will have. Self visualization is imperative in this process. You must picture your life with all the things you are asking the universe for. In a video, Connor McGregor talks about his belief in the law of attraction and says that when he was broke he still envisioned himself driving a beautiful car with a lavish lifestyle despite being destitute. He says that the most important thing is visualization during this process and the second most important aspect of the law of attraction is being consistent with it. Connor states that its easy to visual good things when good things are happening and you feel great, but when you're beat up and things aren't going well at all is much more challenging, but is also much more important. This is when you truly believe you will have the things you want. The law of attraction is very interesting and can certainly be effective if done consistently.

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