Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Astrology = Pseudoscience

Astrology is one of the most widely accepted forms of pseudoscience in the U.S. It works under the belief that celestial bodies have an effect on human behavior. Many of the horoscopes that are formed are based off of very vague predictions or general assumptions about the future or ones personality. The falsehoods can be seen by browsing the plethora of apps and websites that provide daily horoscopes. Many of these horoscopes make claims that cannot be measured or tested, or are so vague that they might seem to be observed in almost any daily activity. When comparing some of the horoscopes from different sights, some of them even contradict each other. At the end of the day, many people enjoy the idea of astrology because it lets them believe that there is some other entity  controlling their everyday life, and that can be comforting.

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  1. Hi, Cameron! I think it is very interesting that you discussed astrology. My mom is an avid believer at the accuracy of astrology. I have to agree with my mom, I've looked up my friends astrological signs and they are pretty accurate. I've even looked up my astrological sign (I'm a Leo) and for the most part it's pretty accurate. If anyone is reading this comment, please share your astrological sign!

  2. Hi Cameron. I really liked reading your post on how you view astrology as a pseudoscience and I agree with your thoughts. The fact that astrology lacks concrete, empirical data, makes it clear that it can be perceived as a pseudoscience. It may be believable by naive or even fair-minded thinkers given how vague and broad they are when it comes to horoscopes. Although I don't believe in it completely, I too still have to wonder if it has anything to do with my own life as a Virgo.

  3. Hey Cameron,
    I have always been one of those people who has been incredibly skeptical on the believability of horoscopes. It always seemed too far fetched to believe that how being born at a certain time has such a deep meaning to that person's personality on such a daily basis. Like you said, I feel like horoscopes can just be so vague and do not provide much accuracy. However, I will admit that my skepticism most likely comes from my lack of understanding of astrology in general. It is just not something I have ever done much research on. Despite this, I really enjoyed your post and would not mind learning more on similar subjects in order to better my understanding.
    -Rocco Pantina

  4. Hi Cameron,
    Vey good read! I always found astrology to be pretty interesting. Although astrology is somewhat a "gray area" I would kind of lean on believing its true. Based on myself and my friends birthdays the description for their astrological sign as well as mine is almost spot on. its very weird to think that a person can have short temper or can be nice a calm depending on their astrological sign.

  5. Hi Cameron,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Astrology has always been an interest of mine. Even though I know that it is just a pseudoscience, I can’t stop myself from still believing in it. I even have that app on my phone where it says my daily horoscope based on my astrological sign. I have days where my horoscope is correct, but I have other days where it is incorrect. Even though astrology is just based on myth and superstition and not on logic and evidence, I still find it fun believing in it.

  6. Hi cameron,
    I really loved your blog and found it to be extremely interesting. I to have a interest in astrology and even sometimes catch my self looking up at the stars at night. My astrological sigh also seems to correlate with me but with other people I see that it sometimes does not.

  7. Hi Cameron,

    Great post! I did not start reading about horoscopes until recently. I find it interesting how certain positions and movements can influence human relationships and compatibility. Although I do somewhat believe in horoscopes and astrology, I believe it can be very vague because there are many other factors that play into determining one's behaviors, personality and unique characteristics.