Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Aliens and Media

The idea and question of other life in the universe has always been unanswered yet caused many to ponder the idea of alien life. The first major media incident relating to Aliens can be traced back to a now legendary crash in Roswell New Mexico in July of 1947. The incident was the first documented UFO crash that was released to the public through the Roswell Daily Record. The incident would later be covered up and written off as a weather ballon. However, soon after the public started to speculate about the incident and began to question what would happen if an Alien species did crash on earth. Hollywood, never one to miss a new money making trend, started to release movies featuring ETs, most commonly under the horror genre as early as 1951 with a movie titled ‘The Think From Another World’. This movie would be the first of many alien fantasy horror films like the ones being made today. Although ETs aren’t purely subjugated to horror, it is more likely to find them playing the villain then a friend. There are a handful of examples such as the tv show based off the Roswell crash with a more romantic flare that ran from 1999-2002 (link 1) as well as the most recent Netflix remake titled ‘Lost in Space’. TV and movies aren’t the only place to get your Alien fix. Many blogs and conspiracy channels have several sections purely dedicated to the instances and life style of Aliens(link 2 + 3) or Alien abductions (link 4).

Personally, I do believe that there is other intelligent species somewhere out there. As stated by my seventh-grade science teacher “it would be extremely selfish of us to think we are the only species with intelligence like ours”. I think about the idea of aliens often as well as how much of space is still unexplored. While I’m not obsessed with the idea of aliens I do agree that it would be extremely unlikely that we are the only advanced species out there.



  1. Hello,

    Not to differently than many other science minded people – I find aliens out of all the “mystical beings” to be the most likely to be real. For one, there is the question of whether there is life anywhere else in the universe and then more specifically whether that life is intelligent similar to or greater than. Because the universe as we already know it is so vast and unexplored, I think the chances of life else where can’t be denied. In fact I’d even go so far as to say it’s likely when you consider that experiments have already shown that certain microbes can live even under the harsh conditions of space. The thing most worthy of skepticism is whether there have been any human-alien encounters. I think it’s plausible to be skeptical when you consider how far apart astrological bodies are from one another. We certainly don’t have the technology to explore our cosmos to that degree but I’d relent to the position that we can’t assume other beings are subject to our same limitations. I’ll never forget Neil Degrasse Tyson saying in the documentary “Cosmos” that who are we to say that superior life hasn’t already discovered us and yet left uninterested after determining that we aren’t “intelligent life” by their standards?. However, the thing that makes me most doubtful about human-alien interaction is the ability for humans to hide things. I think conspiracy theorist give governments’ way to much credit. Information gets leaked, hacked or discovered all of the time. I think people forget that institutions such as governments and corporations are in fact not bigger than life. They are still ultimately made up of regular groups of people and are thus fallible. While a phenomenon can certainly be hidden and go undiscovered for a certain length of time – many things do eventually reach the public. The internet was once a military technology not available to the public but eventually it made no sense not to release it because other intelligent people were very near discovery of it on their own.

  2. Your post was well-written. I think it is ridiculous how the media blows alien abduction stories out of proportion. I thought that the lecture about UFO abductions was interesting to learn about, but I still don’t believe in aliens. I’m the type of person that doesn’t believe in something until I see it.

  3. I agree with your comment Rachel. The existence of UFOs and aliens would have to be proven before I believe it. I have watched many videos on the subject. It is actually a topic of conversation in our home. My husband loves the TV show Ancient Aliens. Very interesting material actually. The people who speak on the show of aliens coming to our planet centuries ago seem very convinced that aliens were indeed here. They helped build structures such as the pyramids. After all, we humans were not capable of such a task. They believe that when people talked about beings coming down from the skies, they had to be alien. They accept these theories easily when all these examples could easily be an explanation of the existence of God. I simply don't understand why people would rather believe in aliens than God. Of course, everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I do believe in the possibility of life existing some where else other than Earth. It is a vast universe. But we have no evidence as of this time. I think my favorite alien belief is abduction for the purpose of procreation and the eventual take over of our planet. I have news for our alien friends. Our planet is in trouble in very many ways. If they are truly more intelligent than we are, maybe they can help us fix it. Thanks everyone for your posts.