Monday, July 30, 2018

Out of Body Experience

Out of body experiences have been said to occur in many different scenarios.  The most famous of these is Heaven's Gate cult.  They believed their souls were separate from their bodies, and their body was only a vessel to carry the soul.  They believed they had contact with aliens, and in order to make it to the afterlife, they had to leave their bodies behind and get on an alien ship.  This is not the first time this belief has been expressed.  Many religions and past philosophers support the idea that they mind and body are separate.
The out of body experiences we tend to hear about most frequently are those of people who are in hospitals getting operations or those who are dying. Those who study the paranormal have become interested in if these experiences are occurring and why.  People who have had OBE's said it felt as though they were floating outside of their own body, similar to a lucid dream.  Scientists have shut down the idea that these experiences actually exist.

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  1. I once had an experience in my dorm room with my roommate at the time. We were both sitting watching tv, then out of the blue the air in the room felt heavy and neither of us could move. We couldn't express to each other what we were feeling at the time, but after about an hour had passed we both felt like we were released from the grip of something beyond our control. We both shared the same experience, that we felt like we couldn't move our bodies but that we were looking out over the room with both of us in it. We had no idea why this would happen, but after much research we learned that our dorm was once a psychiatric ward. We believed that for that hour that we felt out of our bodies may have been the time and date that someone had passed away in that room.