Saturday, July 7, 2018

      If you were to type in the term Doomsday Prepper into the Google search bar, you can find a wide variety of kits. From beginner to more advanced, these kits can help prepare you for some apocalyptic event triggering the end of times and how to prepare for this event. This type of equipment is even available on Amazon. Google even introduces us to a man named David Meade. Mr. Meade is a numerologist who predicts that the biblical rapture will occur on April 23rd of 2018.This event will occur when the planet Nibiru strikes the planet Earth thus destroying our planet. Apparently no need for preparation as we will be totally annihilated. I guess I better cancel my Amazon order. I was not familiar with the planet Nibiru so I did a search on this planet as well. According to David Morrison PhD, NASA senior scientist, this planet simply does not exist.
      To be brief, there are many other natural disasters that would benefit us as a society if we were better prepared such as Hurricane Sandy which devastated the New Jersey and New York coastlines.Another current disaster is the volcanic eruptions occurring in Hawaii. These residents would certainly have benefited from having supplies of food and water and, yes, they may even have to protect what is theirs.
      Are people going overboard in preparing for the end of our world as we know it. I can only speak for myself in saying that I don't think I would want to live in a world that has entirely changed. It reminds me of the TV series, The Walking Dead. And no, I don't believe in zombies.

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