Sunday, July 29, 2018

Post 2: Telekinesis

        "Stranger Things" is currently one of the most watched shows on Netflix. In the show, there is a character; Eleven, who has special psychokinetic powers including telekinesis. Each time she uses her telekinetic powers she drains her body of a lot of energy because she needs to access a much larger portion of her brain. Knowing that we do not fully maximize the potential of our brains it makes me wonder if it would be possible to have telekinetic abilities or would telepathy be possible. In the show, Eleven gets her powers due to her mother being a test subject during the MKUltra project. The tests and drugs administered to Eleven's mother during this project caused her to pass along these special abilities. It is intriguing to think about if there are actually things that can allow us to reach this level of access to our brains. Regardless, "Stranger Things" is really cool concept for television series and is certainly one of my favorites. 

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