Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Of Telepathy and Trickery

     Many years ago I stumbled upon the same video featuring James Hydrick that is in our lectures.  Coincidentally I found it after trying to learn more about the 10% brain power myth.  After a few quick searches, it seems that psychic powers are everywhere.  Youtube has pages of videos offering tutorials on pyrokinesistelepathy, and even Atmokinesis which is apparently the ability to make clouds disappear with your mind.
     James Randi, the man who tested Hydrick and many other psychics offered a million dollar reward to anyone who could prove they had psychic abilities of any kind.  In 2015 he left the James Randi Educational Foundation and the reward ended.  There have been about 1000 applicants but none have been successful.

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  1. It is so easy to say that there is no way telepathy actually works. However, my mom and I have a connection where when one of us is thinking about the other on, she happens to call. It has happened enough times for it to be beyond a coincidence. I have never experienced any other telepathy related skills or the same skills with anyone else