Thursday, July 12, 2018

Area 51

       For the longest time, I have always believed that there are indeed life on other planets; I think it would be selfish to believe that life on Earth is the only planet that can support life. I recently watched a great video by YouTuber, Kendal Rae, who discussed the highly classified, Area 51 in the deserts of Nevada. Additionally, Area 51 is known by several aliases such as "Paradise Ranch" and "Groom Lake." 

      Area 51, was bought in the 1950s and remained undisclosed to the public until 2013 (Rae). Interestingly enough, this area. Although security is high, there are no gates nor concrete walls that surround Area 51, which is part of the Edwards Air Force Base; its perimeters are only identified by markers. Trespassers, according to security protocols, have the right to be  held at gun point and if necessary, can be shot (as seen in Rae's video).

      There are many speculations of just what happens in and at Area 51. Some argue that alien bodies are being stored along with their spacecraft, while some chose to believe that it is just the military making technological advancements. I like to be open-minded and choose to believe that both arguments are plausible. Records have shown that most of America's best areal, technological advancements were created at Area 51, such as the B2 (Rae). The idea that alien bodies are being stored in Area 51 was because of a confirmed UFO crash in the late 1940s, but was ultimately covered up by the government.

       While Area 51 is disclosed to the public, it is believed that much of the highly classified material and evidence was transported to another secret location nearby known as S-4. However, what truly transpires in this classified area remains unknown; not even the US President can access this location and the area is highly secured by private, unknown military that does not have any connections with our own US Government (Rae).

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  1. Hi Kaela,
    Much like you, I believe that there is definitely life on other planets. It has never seemed far fetched to believe that other civilizations exist on other planets. I also do not think it would be far fetched to believe that there is actually extraterrestrial life on this planet either. Area 51 is definitely intriguing due to its confidentiality and it can certainly make us wonder if we as humans are alone on this planet. It is easy for us to question what exactly goes on there. I have watched some documentaries/videos on the subject of aliens living among us on earth and many people claim is that extraterrestrial life may actually exist on earth, but actually in human form. This means that people we believe to be humans may actually be extraterrestrial life in disguise. This is called shape shifting. If you ever feel like researching more about this you should definitely check out some videos like the one I attached. Great post!