Friday, July 20, 2018

Post 1: December 21, 2012

It is easy to assume that people who truly prepared for the end of the world in December of 2012 were crazy. While to an extent I agree, but I also know some very sane people who were pretty uneasy about the whole idea of it (myself included).
I can think of a few people that I know that had an emergency action plan in an attempt to prepare for the end. This included storing food and water, as well as wind-up flashlights and spare clothes. While they might not have gone to the extremes seen in the lectures of those who built bomb shelters, they still wanted a back up plan.
Even I, who in general is pretty skeptical about anything paranormal, was not really sure what to expect in regards to December 21, 2012. Did the Mayans run out of room on their calendar? Was Nostradamus's prediction too vague? I wasn’t sure, but I made sure I was home with my family that day- just incase.
In hindsight, it is all pretty silly how there was so much panic surrounding a single day, after all obviously we all survived to see the next day. But it was pretty insane in the weeks and days leading up to it.


  1. Hi Ciera.
    I believe (or rather, am open to believing) a lot of paranormal things out there, but the end of the world is another story. I don’t really think some calendar out there can really predict the world ending. I think a lot of people just make wild assumptions and it blows up and turns into a big scare. Similar to how people actually buy into tabloid magazines/newspapers. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will really believe anything. I like to think that we made/will make enough technological advancements in space to have something to detect any incoming meteors or what have you should the end of the world really come in that way. But even if that were to come, there might not be anything we could do to survive it anyway. And personally, I think if the world were to end, I’d like it to just happen because I don’t know how I’d feel living my last days KNOWING they were my last, you know?

  2. Hi Ciera,
    I honesly can't believe people thought the wold was going to end because the Mayans predicted it. To somewhat laugh about it they probably just got tired of writing a calendar with all of these predictions and just said "screw it, the wolds going to end on this date". something that is funny is at the time I was 14 years old, I was in bed and ill never forget my dad was banging on my door screaming "Ian the wolds going to end!" my heart did drop a little but of course he was just being funny. the only time I can see the wold coming to an end is from a big astroid or just something in space happens and it screws us up. But why on earth would someone want to build a shelter after something absaulty crazy happens. like I just don't see the point being trapped in a bomb shelter forever.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post. I consider myself a rational human being. But, as that day approached, I felt a little nervous inside. Was it possible for the Mayans to have had some type of knowledge? Myself and my family joked about celebrating Christmas early, just in case. Being a part of this course has opened my eyes to many things. We, as humans, can be so easily deceived. We truly believe what we want to believe sometimes ignoring reason. I have learned that this type of behavior can be dangerous. I actually knew a person who spent a large sum of money prior to the supposed end of the world because she really believed. That act resulted in financial problems for my friend. We live in a time where extreme weather events are happening all the time. It would be smart to have some preparation for these types of events. Most of us probably don't. Yet, when the Mayans said the world is going to end, people went out and spent their life savings. Makes one think.