Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Popularity of Extraterrestrials

Once sightings of flying saucers or UFOs began to surface in media, pop culture took the idea of extraterrestrial beings and turned it into a franchise. From movies like E.T., Paul, and even an upcoming film titled, UFO (Trailer linked below). Although there is a possibility that the initial UFO sightings were real, there were many more "spin off" sightings that may have been due to a confirmation bias. These individuals may have seen something but immediately attributed it to an alien sightings, disregarding critical thinking to find evidence, or that it could have been something else, something more probable. For example, an individual may have seen a glistening light in the distance but it could just be a drone, plane, helicopter, or it could even be the fact that an individual is having a hallucination. Even though most of the findings of eye witness testimonies of being abducted or seeing a UFO can be easily proven false, I do believe that there are other forms of life in the galaxy outside of Earth. A great satire of Alien pop culture is TBS's People of Earth. Throughout the show, some common links between individuals that believed to have seen UFOs or believe to have been abducted, like sleep deprivation, vivid dreams, or sleep paralysis are mentioned, although it is in the context of actually having been abducted by the aliens in the show. I've linked a trailer of the show, and two funny commercials. (One takes on the common UFO sightings mentioned by many people).

UFO 2018 Trailer

People of Earth TBS Trailer

Halloween People of Earth Commercial

UFO/Alien Sightings People of Earth

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  1. A friend and I were once sitting on the back deck of an arcade on the promenade in Cape May. We were just relaxing and talking and out of nowhere we saw a light out over the water. We thought it was strange and we were trying to see if we could get closer to see what was hovering over the water. But it seemed like it was blurry no matter how close we got to it. Then out of nowhere it shot straight up into the sky. Neither of us believed what we saw but we both confirmed that we saw the same thing. There is a drone like thing they use now to test the water levels in the ocean, but that didn't exist 15 years ago. I have no idea what it was but I think it could have been a UFO.