Monday, June 7, 2010

What's My FUTURE?

Ever walk down the boardwalk and cannot stop yourself from talking to a psychic. Yup! We’ve all been there. We are extremely eager to find out about the future that we actually believe what a total stranger says to us. Not only do we believe them but we also pay them. I am not even talking about 10-$20, but thousands of dollars. We want answers to all our questions and solutions to all our problems. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s all bogus. Those are well trained people who know exactly how to talk people into spending their money. They talk to you as if they’ve known you for years and act like they understand exactly what you have been through. But, the truth is that’s not predicting your future. The only predictions they make are through the answers they get out of you. It’s just funny how we don’t see it. Well actually we do see it, after we’ve spent thousands of dollars.
The word Psychic comes from the Greek word psychikos which translates to be “of the mind or mental”. Psychic by definition refers to a person who has extra sensory perception or paranormal powers. Their predictions are completely lying outside the knowledge of science. Unlike the science, the predictions of the psychics cannot be proved. This means we might not ever know if they are telling the truth or not. Fortune tellers were able to make predictions of the future which date back to ancient times. Some were even thought to be prophets because they were able to predict the future through vision. But, today every psychic is out there to make money and gain fame. And some even get busted.
Watch this one please!