Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reiki is Feiki

Reiki is a supposed healing technique that uses the "universal life force" Ki as it is called in Japan, or Chi in China to heal bodily ailments. Reiki was developed in Japan during the 2oth century and has been practiced as a form of energy healing ever since.

In a Reiki session, a Reiki Master will have the subject lie down and he or she will place their palms over strategic points on the individual's body. The "patient" is supposed to feel the transfer of this life energy being transferred into their body, restoring balance and purging ailments from the body. According to the Web Site of the International Center for Reiki Training, Reiki has been known to aid in everything from soothing of sore throats to the curing of cancer.

The term "Universal Life Force" should be a clear indication that Reiki is simply pseudoscience. This ambiguous term has never been clearly defined, nor has any reputable science found any evidence to suggest its existence. So, nobody really knows what this energy there is no actual evidence that it exists, yet people claim to be able to harness it and help cure cancer? Reiki is even too crazy for the Catholic Church, which denounces the practice and recommends Catholic Health Care organizations not to support it.

When it comes down to it, Reiki has no credibility. The supposed energy that the entire practice is supposed to based on is likely not to even exist, so the thought of controlling it is preposterous


  1. Upon reading your definition of what Reiki was, I completely agree with your opinion of it being non-credible. After reading our text book, I have become much more aware of pseudoscience. It is so obvious when you see terms such as "life energy" and "restoring balance." What does that even mean to restore balance? I just find it comical how people are so easily taken by things like this.

  2. Ive never hear dof Reiki until now and to me it seems like just another ancient chinese remedy. Like the Qray braclet, Reiki has no scientific evidnce to support it"s claim of healing people. It is simply based upon the views of the people and their beliefs. If one believes something is working they tend to support it and will use any excuse to justify the claim. I gues the term have faith is as important as it seems, very interesting blog.

  3. I wasn't too familiar with the practice of Reiki until reading this article. As you already pointed out, Reiki and its use of "Universal Life Force" is absolutely ridiculous. I also agree that the fact that we are unable to see, feel or prove of "Universal Life Force" makes it a pseudoscience. I certainly will not be going to the local Reiki Master next time I have an ailment.

  4. I've heard of Reiki before, but never really knew what exactly it was. I know they offer it at a lot of spas as a form of relaxation. I agree that it is pretty ridiclous too. To pay for something you can't see or that you most likely pretend to feel is pretty foolish. Reiki treatments shouldn't be offered because they are not proven to work.