Monday, June 7, 2010

Can Dreams be Interpreted?

People seek dream interpretation to gain further knowledge about their past, forgotten experiences and emotional status. Since early 1900 century many psychotherapists have used this technique to help treat their patients. It is still commonly used today and has become a sort of fad.
To interpret a dream you would first have to recall the dream, then certain events, symbols, colors that occurred would be used to make an interpretation. The problem with interpreting a dream is that there is no scientifically way to give meaning to dreams. For example a women might dream of a baby which could symbolize her past childhood or maybe her future in motherhood. We also don't always remember the full dream. So why are people certain that their dream is telling them something? Well, many people tend to listen to authority and when they seek a doctor for information they believe them, but what could be occurring is a false interpretation and in some case creating events that never took place. This false information can be destructive to a person.
When looking into dream interpretation I pulled up a dictionary of dream terms on goggle. It is a way to analyze your own dreams. I think this is the best way for a person to look into the meaning of their dreams, but with the knowledge that there is no one answer to something you see in your dreams.

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