Thursday, June 10, 2010

Touch a toad and get a wart.

I remember an old wives tale that used to say if you touched a toad you would get a wart. These toads look like they have warts all over their bodies. But can these toads really give people warts if they touch them? These bumps aren't warts though; they are an accumulation of mucus glands or poison gland underneath the skin. These glands release a milky secretion when the toads feel alarmed.

Toads don't really give you warts if you touch them. Warts are viruses that the skin can pick up. This virus is everywhere in the community and is named the Human Pappiloma Virus. It targets the surface of the skin.The virus moves to other people through contact especially if you have a cut or scrape. There is over a 100 different kinds of this disease so 75% of us will get a wart throughout our life.


  1. Ive always believed this theory and never came too close to frogs and toads and its good to know this is just a theory. great post chris

  2. I never used to touch frogs because of that claim either! I think it is pretty funny to find out years later that I could have touched frogs all this time, but never did because I was scared of getting warts. I always wanted a frog as a pet, but my big brother told me that if I got one, I'd be covered in warts.

  3. I always thought that this had to be a myth and clearly it truly is! I never believed it and have touched many frogs and toads..good post!