Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are ghosts real?

Many people believe that ghosts are real due to movies, media and pop culture. Some children may even believe ghosts are real and similar to the popular cartoon ghost Casper, however Casper was a friendly ghost. People also believe that some ghosts are evil and have come to haunt them or to seek revenge. Ghosts are believed to be spirits or souls of the deceased and can be anyone from a family member to a friend, parent, sibling or relative.

There has been a fascination with ghosts, however the actual scientific evidence is minimal. Ghosts are also linked to paranormal activity and can't be explained and just regarded as a phenomena. Many people have attempted to capture ghosts on film and some have, supposedly. Based just upon weird or inexplainable occurences, ghosts may always be regarded as just a figment of one's imagination. The idea of seeing ghosts has not be proven reliable or true.

I do not believe in ghosts personally nor have I ever seen a ghost. I watch weird things that happen on television that include a weird experience with seeing ghosts or shadows. The shows are interesting, such as the show paranormal activity but I just cant find myself to believe ghosts are real, until I am proven wrong and when that day comes I will realize I just might be going insane like the rest of America.

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