Sunday, June 6, 2010

My baby can read- Freaky or Fraud????

Many people have seen the My baby can read commercial but how many people actually believe that babies can read? In the commercial each baby is presented with a card with a word on it and the baby either does the action or reads the word. For example, one baby is shown the word bellybutton and points to her bellybutton. This seems all to real and if babies can read than the world is full of an intelligent new breed of children.

Some people accuse this product of scamming them and that it doesnt actually work. The product costs about $200.00 and conatins dvds as well as flash cards. The instructions tell you to play the video two to three times a day and to use the flash cards afterwards. One mother bought the product and notived that her two kids ages 1 and 3 remembered the words after watching the video.

I disagree with this product, I dont think it's a scam however if someone is shown something over and over they are eventually going to remember what they see. Yes, this is an amazing product but i dont believe the child actually learns how to read, I think its more of a memorization tool. So can babies really read or is this just another one of America's scam on Amercans???


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  2. I believe that this is just a scam. It is probably just a memorization of movement or color kind of like Hans the Clever Horse. Its a shame that the companies that make these products take advantage of parents who buy them. It's always good to do research by using a scholarly article to find out whether something is legitimate or not.

  3. As a Psychology major, I am very familiar with child development. Regardless of whether or not children watch these videos, they will be creating millions of connections (synapses)in the brain at this time in their lives, as well as learning language very rapidly. So perhaps watching the videos will make the process easier (not necessarily faster), it will happen naturally anyway.