Monday, June 7, 2010

Out of body Experience

You are in a hospital, sick and awaiting major surgery. The anesthesia has been administered. Instead of falling asleep into oblivion, you rise out of your own body and see yourself on the operating table. Has your soul started its ascent to heaven, or has your brain constructed a scene to help it cope with a new situation?

According to neuroscientists applying slight electrical charges to the angular gyrus in the temporal parietal junction region of the brain induces the same type of visions. If electrical shocks can manipulate the brain to induce visions, I believe that we can rule out the paranormal. Drug use has also been said to induce out of body experiences. I do not know how anyone could mistake being whacked out on drugs for a paranormal experience. Without the mind altering drugs, there is no experience. If you need a stimulus for an experience, how can you remove the stimulus from the result of the experience. Logically, the drug would be the reason for the vision, because it changed your body chemistry, not a paranormal source. Why would a paranormal source wait for you to ingest drugs to act on you? The paranormal explanation lacks a common sense explanation. Also, there is no scientific research to back up out of body experience claims. As a matter of fact proponents of OBE have tried to substantiate OBE and they could not.

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