Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Book Report - 23 Minutes in Hell

The book 23 Minutes in Hell, authored by Bill Wiese, is an accounting of the 23 minutes in Hell purportedly spent by the author Bill Wiese on November 22, 1998. Mr. Wiese describes the time he spent in Hell in this book. According to the author, he fell asleep after midnight; and, at 3 AM, he "landed in what appeared to be a prison cell." The book goes on to describe the various demons and tortures that he experienced. After 23 minutes, the author remembered the saving powers of Jesus Christ, asked for God's forgiveness and was trasported out of Hell.

I found this book to be very interesting. Also, I found it quite scary because I do believe in Hell. However, after reading this textbook, I believe that the author may have been having some form of lucid dream or out-of-body experience.

I believe that the author is sincere in his belief that he was in Hell. Like all good paranormal beliefs, I certainly can't disprove the author's story of his experience in Hell. However, that's what makes this book interesting to read. I certainly hope to never be in the Hell described in the author's book; or, any other Hell for that matter.
The author's descriptions were very vivid; and, additonally, his descriptions were fairly scary. Although it's no Dante's Inferno, for these reason alone, I would recommend reading the book.

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  1. I would honestly would love to read this book. Being that I am a true believer in the faith of God, I would like to see how the Author goes into detail of his experience he is faced with in hell, and how he repents to god for forgiveness.