Friday, June 11, 2010

Ritalin Nation By Richard DeGrandpre

Ritalin By DeGrandpre is a very interesting book. Its discussions of the affects of Ritalin on our society really inspired me to look at society through an entirely different light. DeGrandpre goes on to discuss how our society has evolved from a slow pace calm environment to a fast pace " Rapid Fire Culture." The book goes on to describe the development of our country as a whole in comparison with the twentieth century and with other countries. Countries like Europe, Japan, and France do not even consider Attention Deficit Hyperactivity as a diagnosis for the behavior of their children. DeGrandpre message for the book is simple America is covering all of their "Rapid Fire Culture" problems through medication and sensory addiction. De Grandpre gathers his own personal observations of the Media, TV, and Newspapers and goes on to discuss how our nations behavior is affecting our children as a whole. He makes a claim that their is no scientific evidence that Ritalin is not a cure for Attention Deficit Disorder, in fact their is no scientific evidence that Attention Deficit Disorder is a real mental Disorder.
My favorite part of the book was how DeGrandpre goes about to discuss how doctors, psychiatrist and pharmaceutical companies are a part of a conspiracy of people coming together to fool the American society that their children are a victim of the Attention Deficit Disorder. Americans are at fault for their children behaving in t6his manner, most parents are more concerned with spending quality time with their children opposed to Quantity time. Being that we live in a fast pace nation our children en root overactive uncontrollable behavior, however if we slow down our lives and parents focus more on their children and their surrounding environment they will find another solution to their child's behavior opposed to Ritalin.
Our Nation as a whole has become dependent for Ritalin as a solution for their child's behavior. What Americans fail to realize that Attention Deficit Disorder is a syndrome that has not been proven to be biologically inherited however developed throughout time.

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