Thursday, June 10, 2010

Learning Styles

Teacher's sometimes find themselves encountering problems when teaching a classroom of students. Some students do not pay attention and the one's that do either understand or do not understand the material being taught. There are alternatives for the students who are having trouble learning the material such as an educational after school program or getting a tutor. Students learn material different ways and it is up to the teacher to find effective ways in which each student should be able to learn the material.

Often referred to as learning styles, these are techniques in which students learn material in different ways. Visual, Kinesthetic and Auditory are types of learning styles. Some students learn best while actually figuring the problem out themselves or watching oral presentations while others learn best by listening to music or simply just studying quietly. There have been various forms of studies done while researching learning styles and different approaches taken to come up with a conclusion into which learning styles tend to be more effective. Some people agree that learning styles do exist, while others do not.

Personally, I feel as if I learn best while listening to music or watching tv. Others may find this distracting, but I find it helpful bvecause while I'm listening to the music or watching tv, my mind is focused on the materiual I am reading. I dont always remember what I read so I also find it helpful to take notes so that I can refer back to the material. I agree that different learning styles allow different people to learn at their own pace and I find them very effective.

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  1. It seems to be a teacher would get quite difficult because it is true there are student types. Maybe moreso in the later years of schooling, but youll have visual learners mixed in with auditory learners. I imagine it could get quite difficult. Great post!