Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have heard of handwriting analysis before, but never “graphology”. I’ve always thought of handwriting analysis as a form of entertainment, kind of like horoscopes, but calling it “graphology” makes it sound legitimate. Up until now I had no idea that companies sometimes use graphologists as a way to assess potential employee’s personality traits. After all, everybody’s handwriting is unique, so I can understand why some might believe it. Graphology is defined as the study of handwriting as a way to determine a person’s personality, character, and aptitudes. Apparently, the way you form your letters, spacing, and paragraphs says a lot about your personality.

Graphology has a long history, the ancient Chinese, Romans, and Greeks all used some form of graphology, but it wasn’t until the seventeenth century that graphology became what it is today. Although graphology sounds legitimate, there is one major problem…the Barnum effect. The Barnum effect states that people have a tendency to accept vague, general statements about their personality as accurate. We can’t help it, it’s in our nature to “read into” statements and make them somehow fit our life.

Whether or not you believe in graphology, it is still interesting to see what your handwriting supposedly says about you. I found a few characteristics so you can decide for yourself whether there is some truth in graphology or if it’s completely bogus.

If your handwriting…

Is written with heavy pressure: you have a lot of vitality and your emotional experiences last for a long time.

Is written with light pressure: you usually try to avoid emotionally draining situations.

Is slanted to the right: you are caring, warm and outgoing.

Is straight up-and-down: you are person who likes to keep their emotions in check. Your mind rules your heart.

Is slanted to the left: you conceal your emotions and are sometimes perceived as cold and indifferent.


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