Friday, June 11, 2010

Superstition Reviewed

In Robert Park's follow up book Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science, he dives into topics that some people dare to investigate or want to think differently. Questions that were explored in the book varied from 'Is there an afterlife?' & 'Is there a Main Creator or is it Evolution?'. I really did enjoying discovering these complex ideas and questions and having them answered within the text. It was an easy read and there was at no point where I was bored through out the book. His writing was simple and he had lots of researchers and experts to support his claims in the book.

As a Biology major my favorite part of the book is when they confronted the so called ''controversial'' theme of evolution and religion. I find it almost funny on how strong supporters of Christianity still can't see all the research and discoveries science has made to understand our existence here. Some are still situated with ''their God'' as there creator of all living things. But Park makes a good argument, 'Why the Christian God?' because there are hundreds of other Gods that people follow. 

The book has even some topics that were discussed in our Scientific Perspectives on Pseudoscience and the Paranormal. The topic of bogus therapies is covered in Chapter 10: The Deer. He talks about Western medicine and how people in China value the acupuncture therapy to heal them. In the book its says that a student said 'my mother would stick needles in our ears to feel better." Park replies "my mother would feed us chicken soup and it had the same effect". It also briefly talks about the placebo effect and how aspirin  and even acupuncture if it even really works. 

Below I remember seeing this story on television about a girl had a condition where she would cry in blood. People over in her country although referring it as a rare medical condition but some people have to look at it as a holy sign of God and somewhat worship her. Below is a clip (if queazy of blood I advice not to watch). It reminded me of how Park states that people have strong beliefs in their religion and it is hard for them to see what it really is.

I think that this book is really interesting if you want to expand your mind with the superstitions that religion creates, prayer, souls, and afterlives. I highly recommend this book and am wanting to read Robert Park's other book Voodoo Science.

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