Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dont light 3 cigarettes with a single matchstick!!

Anyone who has ever smoked knows it is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same match. Most people do follow this rule because they are afraid something bad may happen to them. We make sure the third person doesn’t light the cigarette. But the question is.. What’s so bad about it? Most people don’t even know why they follow such rules. Nine out of ten times it is about following others.
This started in the Army during WW1. The theory behind this is that when the first solider lit his cigarette the enemy is able to see the light. The second cigarette lit allowed the enemy to aim, and the third cigarette lit will allow the enemy to shoot. To prevent this from happening, they decided to blow out the match after the second cigarette was lit so the enemy didn’t have enough time to shoot. But, why do we still follow this theory?


  1. I have never heard this one before! It is actually really funny to me; it is strange to see such seemingly ridiculous superstitions that we believe. They are clearly far stronger and more deep-seeded than we would initially think.

  2. I have never heard of this myth either but it is amusing! The majority of people, including myself, often think these urban legends or myth just get started out of nowhere but like Nicole said, they are actually deeper then we assume. Great post!

  3. I was also previously unaware of this superstition. I really enjoyed the history behind this superstition. I wonder how many unfortunate soldiers met their maker after lighting up their cigarette?