Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting Married? May not be your luckiest day...

Your wedding. It takes many months of planning for this one special day to occur. It's a day in which little girls dream about but behind every special occasion, there are myths, legends, and suppose superstitions behind this holy matrimony. Why is it bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the altar? Or why is throwing a bouquet the determining factor on whose next to get married?

Now why can't the groom see his beautiful bride before the day of the wedding is a superstition of bad luck for their marriage ahead. This ''tradition" goes far back when arranged marriage were the norm. Fathers would pick out their daughter's husband to wed and were forbidden to see each other to the minute they were both at the altar. They even had a veil in front of the bride and her face was kept hidden until their nuptials were complete. So why so secretive? It is to prevent the groom to be to run away. Today that is not the case, because there are many cases of ''cold feet'' on the day of their wedding and logically it does not make sense that if they see each other the day they marry, bad luck will be upon them.

Weddings have all sorts of little superstitions tied into their wedding days. For example, some couples jump over a broom stick after they have been married. In Jewish faith, they stomp on a glass to represent joy. But the most common and seen at most weddings is the infamous throwing of the bouquet. Back during the 14th century in Europe, a wedding dress was considered a symbol of luck and afterwards, all the single women would chase after her and rip a piece of her dress off in hopes to get married soon. But as time has progressed weddings are very expensive and to refrain from destroying something so pricey, they began substituting this good luck fable by throwing their flower bouquet. The flowers represent fertility and since they will not last forever, the bride usually does not wish to keep. So she tosses it to the single women in hopes one will catch it and luck will have it "will be married next". Below is a link to a crazy bouquet toss

The garter is the same concept of the bouquet. Usually the women would toss this to the men but sometimes they would get drunk too soon and would be removed too soon. What ever the case may be, many cultures have different expressions of good and bad luck at weddings. Of course none of this may be true but if it helps the bride and groom get through their day, as well as their parents, then there is no harm to have a little bit of superstition and luck on their wedding day.



  1. I love that I saw this today, haha! I've been watching the Bridezilla marathon all day (not a usual habit, I swear.) I like that you explained why these myths are the way they are.. I never knew the history behind them! Very interesting!

  2. I also enjoyed this post! My brother is getting married in 3 weeks, and this was perfect timing to just hear a little more about weddings. I found it very interesting hearing where all these traditions came from and find it even more interesting that they are still around. Hopefully they're not true, because my brother's wedding photographer is having them take pictures before the ceremony, so they will see each other. I was a little upset by this, I wanted to see his face when she walked down the aisle! Oh well, guess we will find out! Great post!