Thursday, June 3, 2010

Out of Body Experiences Explained

People who have reported experiencing this phenomenon have explained it as a feeling like or having a vision of themselves floating outside of one's physical body. Out of Body Experiences are being experienced by people all over the world. What could be causing this? According to the lead researcher in the study of OBE's in London, England, 2002, Dr. Olaf Blanke believes that the right angular gyrus, which is located in the temporal lobe, has to do with this phenomenon. When the right angular gyrus is electrically stimulated, patients reported seeing themselves lying in bed from where they were, floating near the ceiling! People reported this as being very real.

This is not the only experiment where neuroscientists were able to induce OBE's by stimulating the temporal lobe. With this study and other studies that have been conducted, why are people still believing in the unscientific explanation point of view? People may want to believe in the impossible. Whatever reason this may be, there is scientific evidence out there to disprove OBE's.

Check out this YouTube Video on OBE's!!!!!!! It is very interesting!

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