Sunday, June 6, 2010


I found it interesting in the reading and lecture slides that aromatherapy may have no real effect on the user for any of the claimed effects. Aromatherapy is essentially used not to treat or cure any disease, but to soothe and calm the user. When studies were performed however on frequent users of these aromatherapy "medicines" there was no real change in mood or outward ability. You will find people that will say "that basil can clear headaches and lemon can be an antidepressant." While these bold claims have been stated over and over time after time, its simply not true. They may help your mood, but cure to such symptoms just doesn't happen.
One expert, Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, who performed studies on the topic with findings to be agreeing with that there were no medicinal qualities stated, on stores going against the findings, that "I don't think the stores do harm, I just don't think that [the scented products] do good in the ways that they suggest they do."
Quite a bit of this could be mental however, and the user instantly feels better, even though they are not being cure due to the various good smells. They say that even with this research that spending on aromateraphy will probably not decline anytime soon. So what do you think? Major hoax or wellness help?

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