Friday, July 29, 2022

Unidentified Objects by Frank Runza

 UFOs, (Unidentified flying objects), and abduction stories have been widespread for decades if not more. There are theories that surface and people who believe in not only aliens but that aliens are interfering with daily life on earth. Today there are shows out there such as Ancient Aliens, Men in Black, and Modern marvels that all promote alien conspiracies. Life beyond Earth is a fascinating topic, but the question stands, Are aliens actually living on/ visiting planet Earth? With numerous sightings every year, and alien sightings being dated back to ancient times many people believe so.   

Alien sightings, in my opinion, are typical ways of explaining the unexplainable. Am I saying that aliens one hundred percent do not exist? No, I am not, but I am saying that there are other explanations out there besides aliens. Many of the people who report being abducted, or having some kind of alien/UFO encounter are deprived of sleep, are prone to fantasy, and simply fixated on the idea of aliens. It is my personal educated belief that alien sightings are nothing more than a phenomenon that humans just can't explain yet. It could be something as simple as a meteor storm to a plane moving fast in the sky. While this may be my opinion, it is also true that not all UFO sightings have been solved, and the science behind some sightings has never been solved. Even government officials have admitted to not knowing what happened in certain circumstances.

UFOs and aliens have been recorded in history for centuries. In April of 1561 in Nuremberg Germany, there were historical writings in which multiple people witnessed what appeared to be a naval battle except it was in the sky. It was described as seeing hundred of UFOs conduct an aerial battle in the sky right over their heads. There are also many towns in not only the United States but right here in New Jersey that reports multiple UFO sightings every year. Most famously North Bergen is one of those towns, and comedian Joey Diaz also happens to be from that said town.,looking%20to%20the%20skies%20for%20little%20green%20men.

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