Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Blog Post #1

Crisandra Civatte

10% of Our Brains and Out of Body Experiences

This lecture fascinated me a lot and there were a lot of interesting concepts.  The idea that we are not utilizing our brain's full capacity makes me wonder if this is true.  Could we actually have superpowers such as telepathy or psychokinesis that we can use if we figured out a way to unlock this part of our brain?  It is true that the human brain is an extremely complex organ that is capable of many different feats.  Some may compare the brain to that of a supercomputer, but the truth is that the brain is way more advanced and powerful.  

One connection I noticed about this lecture was how relevant it is to the popular Netflix show Stranger Things.  In this series, the young girl by the name of Eleven is the victim of government testing during the 70s and 80s, when tensions with Russia were high.  The government would put these children through many different experiments to try and expand the mind; this is how Eleven is able to move objects with her mind.  This is similar to the "psychic" Uri Geller being able to bend spoons with his mind.  While the show is fiction, it is actually based off the historical event known as Project MKUltra.  In the link below is an explanation of the CIA's secret and what they were doing.  Overall this lecture was very interesting and I enjoyed learning about the possibilities of the human mind, even if it is pseudoscience.



  1. Your post was so fun for me to read because I absolutely love Stranger Things. I didn't even make that connection when I read those slides. I heard that the show as based on a true story but I never fully read about it, so thanks for the link!

  2. I like the connection you made with stranger things, I didn't know that about the Project MKUltra that's very interesting.

  3. Stranger Things is a really good show and I really like how you linked it to your post.