Monday, July 18, 2022

Blog Post #2 10% of our Brains and Out of Body Experiences

Jackie Policari

 10% of our brains and Out of Body Experiences 

Lecture three really caught my eye. The title brought my attention that 10% of Our Brains & Out of Body Experiences was discussed and that it talked about the myth of people really only using 10% of their brain power which I find crazy. In the beginning of the lecture it was said that what if we were actually able to utilize more than 10% of our brains? This made me really think. In the movie Lucy it was obvious that we can see she has more capability in her brain to do more than other people. Her brain is much stronger and has a lot of power to do certain things, but towards the end you can see that she is not herself throughout the movie. 

Telepathy really brought my attention in the lecture but I only believe that twin telepathy is real. My cousins are twins and they feel their emotions are connected to each other and can sense when the other person is feeling a certain way. I found a video on “twin telepathy,” I believe that this is a real thing but it could definitely use some more research.

This video is definitely older but shows you the connection between them.

I always thought to myself that people all believe something different such as psychics. People are definitely taken for granted and in slide five it was absolutely crazy that the woman that did the reading on the dog didn’t even give any information barely on the dog which was kinda disappointing to see. This means to me that the woman don't really know exactly what the dog is saying.


  1. I found this lecture super interesting as well! I did not even think about twin telepathy when first looking over this lecture but I agree that twins must be able to communicate with one another in an unspoken way.

  2. Hi Jackie! I agree with you on the twin telepathy thing! My cousins are twins as well as my mom and her brother! They've always felt the same things and have countless similar ideas. I don't think that psychics are real and I wasn't truly buying the whole thing with the lady and dog. I believe she was telling nonsense because there would essentially be no way to prove it wrong. I think she just learned to pick up cues and vague stuff that "made sense" to "shock" the audience and overall just trick them into believing she has this absurd ability. Great post, I am glad you brought up twin telepathy, it is so interesting to me.

  3. Like Crisandra, I didn't think of twin telepathy when I read the lecture so I'm glad you addressed that in your post. The video you linked was very interesting to me since I don't know many twins and have never really thought about this topic seriously.