Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Blog Post #1: Dualistic Paranormal Belief

     Dualistic Paranormal Beliefs: Psychological and Religious Perspectives

    It is intriguing to see so many different takes and perspectives when it comes to the interpretation of dualistic paranormal belief. As a refresher, the belief is that the soul can leave the body, meaning the body is essentially a vessel for the soul, as explained by Plato. Many religions encourage this belief among its followers as well. For example, God breathed the spirit of life into Adam’s body, from Genesis. Although this may seem to be a peaceful belief, there’s also negative interpretation coming forth that demotes this idea. Heaven’s Gate Cult believed in dualism, however they also believe in telepathic connections and used their authoritative power to negatively manipulate followers, leading up to a potential suicide as sacrifice. 

    There are a lot of takes on whether dualism is real or fake. One perspective from a religious standpoint is that the body and soul are separate, thus leading to eternal life and crossing over to Heaven. This perspective gives the idea that there is in fact life after death, that when your time comes to an end on Earth, life will continue with purpose. The second perspective is that The body and soul are one thing, not separate entities. It is argued that when your “soul leaves your body” individuals may be confusing this experience with lucid dreaming, a psychological concept in the sleeping state. 

From my own personal perspective, I can begin to say that I am a highly logical thinker and find ways of explaining varying phenomena through psychological explanations. However, I do believe both perspectives that I have previously mentioned. I do believe that the soul and body are separate, which explains my belief in paranormal spirits, including ones that are restless and unable to truly cross over after death. I believe that dualism and “out-of-body” experiences are explained through psychological concepts like lucid dreaming and delusions…to some degree. I don’t believe that after death that is all there is. I believe it goes beyond that, hence my belief that the mind and body are separate. Overall, like any controversial concept, there is the good and the bad. Dualism and out of body experiences are situational and are to be explained and accepted best pertaining to the situation occurring.

Crash Course on Dualism and Mind-Body Philosophy:
Key Points: 2:12 and 3:32

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post about dualism. I also believe that the body and soul are separate, and spirits can cross over. Dualism is a fascinating topic and can be controversial, as you've mentioned. What a great post!