Monday, July 18, 2022

Blog Post #1

From the reading of lecture one, we've learned about different ways of thinking. I think that fallacies are very interesting because we are all able to relate to using them without even knowing. We are able to convince ourselves that we are in the right and we develop these fake truths to bake up statements. Just looking at the chart of fallacies that are given to us in lecture one, I can find many that I have used before in arguments. It's essentially basing argumentative points off of reasons that are fabricated. A good example that I think lots of people fall for is the bandwagon fallacy. This fallacy comes from the idea that if there are a lot of people doing something then it must be the right thing to do. Anything popular with lots of people is generally looked at as being accepted. I just thought that the idea of fallacies and how common they are used to be interesting.


  1. Hello Matt! I also picked this as a discussion topic as well. I really enjoyed this lecture because I also researched more about critical thinking. You made a really good point that it bases off of argumentative points. We definitely all have persuaded ourselves that we are in the right and we expand all these fake truths. I definitely do not agree that just because someone is doing something that means it is totally right. People do tend to follow people even if they are going in the wrong direction.

  2. The ideas about the many different fallacies are all pretty accurate I believe. Your discussion about the bandwagon fallacy is completely true, nowadays everyone is so quick to hop on a bandwagon of something popular or "cool". This may have to do with social media's effect on society, and many influencers nowadays start bandwagons.