Saturday, July 30, 2022

Blog Post #2: UFO Abductions & Projective Testing

 This lecture probably caught the eye of everyone! Who doesn't want to know about UFO's? This lecture started out by explaining how to recall past events. There was a picture of a string tied on a persons finger. My mother would always say to do that if you forgot what you wanted to say. UFO Aliens was one of the next slides and I personally believe there are other forms of life out there. There is no way humans are they only living things. UFO Abductions are something that I am still unsure about believing in but we learned that many people believe they were victims. There are shows on TV where victims speak out and tell there experience and it really gets me thinking. I wonder what is really out there and how advanced are "they". Videos get posted of UFO's to social media and everyone is convinced they are not human-made objects. This topic is extremely interesting because there is not a right or wrong answer because no one knows.

                                                Do Americans Believe in UFOs?


  1. Hi,

    I find it interesting that many cultures believe in alien life forms, and that there are descriptions of alien encounters that date back over 6 or 7 hundred years. Personally I believe it be phenomenon that occurs and we don't understand what it is yet. In the same way that ancient tribes worshiped the sun because they didn't understand the science behind it. Great post!

  2. Hi Samantha,
    UFO Abductions & Projective Testing also caught my attention while browsing through the course lectures. I agree that the idea of another form of life is extremely interesting especially when government entities such as NASA provides evidence of other existing galaxies to the public from time to time. Like yourself, I constantly wonder what's out there due to so many UFO sighting being reported and conspiracy theories that roam through the internet.
    I really enjoyed your post and maybe got a bit excited!