Monday, July 18, 2022

Blog Post #2: Cryptozoology

     Before the lecture I never knew of the term cryptozoology and about all of the creatures that make it up. The first one that caught my attention was the infamous Bigfoot. For years it had been one of the largest debates if Bigfoot is real or fake. Many people, like David Thompson, have been known to “find” proof that Bigfoot truly does exist. However, many of these findings were found to be untruthful and eventually debunked. In my opinion, I have seen many shows, such as ‘Finding Bigfoot’, which is a clear definition of pure entertainment. I do believe the tales of Bigfoot is all it is, a camping story that people like to tell solely for entertainment. 

    The news coverage story of the Chupacabras I found to be most interesting under this lecture. It was unclear truly what it was or if the whole thing was just a set up for a news highlight. I believe these are things that need to be looked into before I assume an opinion on them. However, creatures under this category like Wendigos, I have a lean for being true at some point in time. They were considered a first nation folklore, something that possessed humans into doing unlike things for themselves. Wendigo Psychosis was interesting to me and really pushed me to dive deeper into what people think about this creature. Me being an avid believer in the paranormal, even if the Wendigo is not exactly what people believed it to be, I do believe that there is a stronger chance that they existed at some point in time or even still do.

This link gives a greater understanding of where the folklore comes from and how it came to be, it allowed me to understand that there is more to the folklore than just a tell-tale. It is something that people truly believed to be a malevolent spirit causing possessive negativity to individuals.

Overall, cryptozoology raises questions about what is true and what is just a campfire story. It is an interesting topic that I never thought to be a part of paranormal investigations, especially when it was brought up that Lorraine Warren supposedly connected with Bigfoot.

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  1. Great post! I also enjoyed reading about the Bigfoot tales, because as a kid I remember hearing about this monster that lurked in the woods. The Jersey Devil was actually interesting to me as well because I did not know about the back story of how this tale came to be. I looked at the website about the Wendigo and that was really interesting! I believe there definitely could be some truthful points made in this folklore story.